14 February, 2008

Lawsuit Nation Strikes Again!

If Best Buy lost my laptop, I would certainly be upset. If they tried to cover it up, I would also be upset. But suing Best Buy for $54 Million is probably something I would not do.

Look, I understand this person got completely jerked around, lied to, and could possibly be serious exposed to identity theft issues. I understand that when you feel you haven't been properly compensated or that a company has not been contrite or forthcoming in their explanation that ultimatley your only recourse may be to take legal action. I also understand that such recourse may be constructed in such a way to "get their attention", and as such likely wouldn't be just a small claims court matter (less than $5,000).

But, honestly now. Honestly. $54 Million?

Hang on while I look up frivolous in the dictionary.

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