27 December, 2007

Bookseller Stories - #673

A mother and daughter await as I return to the info desk.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes....Well, I am going to be one of THOSE customers - you know, the one you go home and tell your wife about...", the mother says to me.

"You don't mean one of those customers who is looking for a book, but you can't remember the name or author, I saw on a table up front here not that long ago, and it had a green cover?" I replied.

"Exactly, it did have a green cover!", she exclaimed. "But I think I remember the title."

"Really? What is that?"

"The Green Book."

We all laugh.

"Seriously?", I say in that sarcastic way that only I can.


"OK-let me see what the magic computer says..."


"Well, what do you know - such a book indeed exists, and we should have it. It could be in a few places - let me check while you wait here. Of course, if I never come back it just validates that you are indeed one of THOSE customers..."



"Found it - here you are."

"Dude, you're a rock star!"

"Well, I do what I can."

01 September, 2007

Alternate history

The Impeachment and Trial of John F. Kennedy is by far the most intriguing alternate history concept I've ever heard.

1. Suppose JFK survived the assassination attempt unharmed.
2. The investigation would have been, perhaps, more intense.
3. As a result, a lot of the potentially scandalous stuff about JFK's life become public knowledge all at once, rather than the trips and drabs we've gotten in real life.
4. And some of that stuff was potentially impeachable offenses...

It's by Harry Turtledove and Bryce Zabel, and a good chunk of it is online at the linked site.

27 August, 2007

Wii are Family: Day 1

So, I brought the Wii home from Best Buy, my new little bundle of joy. I was suprised at how small it is (essentially an oversized discman), and how much it resembles an Apple product (very white, clean packaging with a simple photo and name, along with the sleek simple design of the Wii itself).

The Wii itself will provide lots of good family fun. My three-year old, Elena, immediately became attached to the golf and boxing games on Wii Sports. She hasn't quite mastered the "gentle" art of putting yet, but she kicks some serious rearend in the boxing game. The strangest feeling is cheering on your toddler to pound on her new Wii nemisis, Daisuke...